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Press For flowers, cars and merry wars: (2011)

Norwegian release 25th March, 2011
Rest of world 13th June, 2011

ROCK-A-ROLLA (UK), June 2011
«Huntsville brilliantly probe and re-evaluate their basic sound template and in doing so have made their finest album yet.»

UNCUT (UK), June 2011
«A new genre emerges – Americosmische, anyone? (…) there’s a lushness to Huntsville’s austerity that makes their third album much more than a dry exercise in tonal nuance.»

THE WIRE (UK), June 2011
«The result is genuinely hypnotic, even trance-inducing music. Really magnificent (…)»

The Arts Desk (UK), June 2011
«Huntsville (…) take a repetition rooted in Krautrock and imbue it with the organic feel of Americana.» Read more here

Organ (UK), June 2011
«Now this is rather intriguingly straddling itself between a number of potential pigeonholes, whilst cleverly keeping out of any of them» Read more here

The Milkfactory (UK), June 2011
«With this latest album, Huntsville continue to create extremely sharp and imaginative sound constructions with a very clear individual sense, but their hypnotic rhythms are now closer to linear krautrock grooves than to rock or jazz ones. For Flowers, Cars And Merry Wars is the sumptuous record of a band which appears to evolve with no boundaries to contain them.» Read more here

Music OMH (UK), June 2011
«captivating and immersive» Read more here

«(…) very vibrant and speedy, highly energetic (…) Drone like LaMonte Young, Velvet Underground and Black Dice. An excellent manifestation of drone rock meets improvised music.»

EXCLAIM (CA), June 2011
«This Norwegian trio continue to dissolve the boundaries between improvised jazz, electronic music, drone and even pop songwriting.» Read more here