press quotes

Press quotes:

The Blue Moment (UK)
«(…) it’s always a pleasure to be with musicians whose imagination, spirit of inquiry and disdain for generic boundaries ensure that the future will be as exciting as the past.» Read more here

«A new genre emerges – Americosmische, anyone?»

«The result is genuinely hypnotic, even trance-inducing music. Really magnificent (…)»

«Huntsville brilliantly probe and re-evaluate their basic sound template and in doing so have made their finest album yet.»

Chicago Reader (US)
«…Huntsville creates a beautiful mosaic of sound, combining kaleidoscopic grooves with the nuanced interaction and unstructured freedom of abstract improvisation.»

«…an hypnotic trip through percussive ragas, electro-acoustic scree and Morricone-like dreamscapes.»

«…they alternate between brief Americana-esque instrumentals and lenghtier excursions into fast, fluid motion, attaining trance-velocity like some rare amalgam of Miles Davies, Steve Reich and early Tortoise.»

plan b (UK)
«…it builds like a runaway train of thoughts and possibilities before breaking through barriers into a world of new and rapturous potential.»

Coke Machine Glow (UK)
«Huntsville are a wonderful new edition to the experimental ranks of jazz and electronics, both in their seasoned instrumentation and the obvious joy they take in created music with character, soul, and humor, as well as a lot of broken middle class dreams.»

«…involving, evocative music that’s genuinely emotionally engaging as well as pressing all the right buttons for those on the lookout for new sonic thrills. Beautiful.»

Boston Weekly (US)
«A Norwegian improv trio armed with a banjo, a double bass, a pedalsteel, a bizarre tabla machine, shruti boxes and a fondness for freeing folk from its folk songs—from Santa Fe to Bombay. (…) If the future is too much to bear come New Year’s Day, lodge yourself in the present with a 50-minute stay in Huntsville.»


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