press live

press LIVE:, October 10

«Noorwegen heeft een patent op boeiende rockbands. Motorpsycho, Jaga Jazzist, Shining: allemaal genreoverschrijdende artiesten, net als Huntsville (foto), dat zich mooi inschakelt in die avontuurlijke traditie.»
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«Het optreden werd een grote trip richting een verzengde climax.»
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All About Jazz, September 07

«…Huntsville manages to combine organic sounds with sometimes densely harsh electronics, to create a kind of futuristic “roots” music. (…) As strong, if not stronger, in performance as on record, Huntsville hopefully has a new disc in the works representative of the trio’s uniqueness.»
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Ballade, July 07

«…Huntsville is one of many Norwegian projects with a clear, precise and original sound and naturally find themselves at home in the Kongsberg Jazz Festival program. In this flora of originality, Huntsville nonetheless manages to single themselves out.» read more (Norwegian)

Down Beat – October 06

«(…)inspired Norwegians had the highest artistic batting average in this
FIMAV. The powerfully evocative improvisational trio Huntsville – Ivar Grydeland (guitar, banjo, pedal steel), Tonny Kluften (acoustic bass) and Ingar Zach (percussion, ping-pong balls) – kept things beguilingly simple and organic, and
concocted their set with anotherwordly abstract Americana.»

All About Jazz – July 16, 2006

«…this trio blended various tendencies in improvised music with a
melodic sensibility to create something of their own. The richness of
the musicians’ sound palettes coupled with the precision and cohesion
of the execution contributed to the refinement and apparent simplicity of Huntsville’s music.»

Exclaim – July 05, 2006

«Jazz/improv trios
also figured prominently in the festival programming. High points
included Norwegians Ivar Grydeland, Tonny Kluften and Ingar Zach, who
squeezed their acoustic instruments through a gently obfuscating haze
of electronics. Zach’s drums were sometimes “played” by vibrating boxes while Grydeland moved from guitar to banjo to pedal steel, always at the edge of full blown melody.»

Ballade’s Bjørn Hammershaug listed “For The Middle Class” on his top-ten Norwegian releases in 2006. This is what he writes:
«Gillian Welch inviting Ravi Shankar for a dance in a mid-west bar.
Unthinkable? Not if the band playing is Huntsville. The three gentlemen
usually work with improv (what most people call “pling-plong”). With
Huntsville they have created an arena that gives more space to structured forms, and still gives plenty of playroom. They do this mainly by mixing east and west, modernity and tradition. The trio’s
view on country music is all but conventional, and tabla and eastern
rhythm seldom feels this natural.»