The Wire review

If a title like For The Middle Class sounds like a provocation, then
Huntsville's mélange of floating grooves, Indian tabla rhythms and
Ambient guitar might play directly into the hands of dilettantes not
really interested in the message of improvised music. Tonny Kluften
(bass), Ivar Grydeland (guitars) and Ingar Zach (drums, percussion,
tabla) are familiar from their work in Improv ensemble No Spaghetti
Edition and as founders of the Sofa label; as such it's slightly
disconcerting to witness this latest direction.
The opening track, "The Appearance Of A Wise Child", begins with a
degree of instrumental abstraction, but soon the trio jamthemselves
into a jaunty groove that's a blunt tool. There are moments of passing
interest – electronic interference pushes against the metric grid,
while Kluften contributes some understated but spectacularly inventive
bass lines that anchor the music's surge towards the top of it's
structural arc. But the prevailing feelgood atmosphere feels forced and
"Serios Like A Pope" is a dirge that opens out to reveals sweet centre,
as Grydeland's guitar figures nod towards Pat Metheny. In "Add A Key Of
Humanity", Grydeland has a bigger surprise as C&W banjo loops are
thrown into the mix, and it's his solo acoustic guitar that introduces
the concluding track, "Melon". Kluften responds with subtle double bass
retorts, and the ensemble discussion is the loosest and most pliable on
this amenable but problematic recording.

Philip Clark, The Wire #274